Q.  What is the shelf life of the toffee and caramels?

A.  We do not use any preservatives or additives in our toffee and caramels, therefore, we recommend a best used by date on our products.


We highly recommend that the toffee be refrigerated to preserve freshness and extend shelf life.

Vacuum Packaging helps to preserve freshness and extend shelf life. Our experience is that toffee that is refrigerated in an unopened vacuum pack will last much longer than toffee that is opened.

Tin or Box Packaging should be used when the toffee is expected to be consumed soon after purchasing. Exposure to air and humidity will adversely affect the quality of the toffee. The toffee should be refrigerated to preserve freshness.


Our caramels do not contain any preservatives, so for the best shelf life, we recommend that you store the caramels in a cool dry place. Unlike our toffee, caramels should not be refrigerated for long periods; humidity is not their friend and the caramel will soften and become sticky.  If this happens, we recommend that you melt the caramel and use for a sauce.

We guarantee your satisfaction with any of our candies and will refund or replace any product you are not completely happy with.


Q.  What are the shipping guidelines?

A.  Walker Creek Confections strives to provide you the freshest candies possible.  We ask that you provide a Desired Delivery Date so that your order goes out as close as possible to this date allowing for transit time.

We typically use USPS Priority Mail, but we do have options with UPS for expedited guaranteed delivery.

If you have a specific or unusual shipping need, or would like to arrange pick up, please call us at 615-295-4137 or email us at walkercreektoffee@gmail.com.

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